Great viewing experiences produce great feedback

We make it easy for your viewers to engage constructively with your videos, and for you to analyze what they’re telling you in the process.


Feedback in the most natural way possible

Let your viewers talk to each other directly on your videos – and you can join in, too. Comments and responses can include both text and rich media, giving viewers a variety of ways to join a thread and express themselves.

Tagged Feedback

Get deeper below the surface of your videos

Viewers can tag comments and ratings to specific elements in your videos — and more simply, can touch or click the things they like – giving you a clear understanding of how they’re thinking and feeling, and what’s driving those responses.

Behavioral Tracking

Sit back and learn while your audience watches

Put viewers in the driver’s seat. See what they choose to watch, and where they re-watch, skip, and tune out. Hot spots, weak points, relative winners and losers – all revealed without having to ask a thing.

Timed Questions

Ask the right questions at the right moments

Sometimes, you need to understand something very specific. Ask questions at pre-determined points in your videos to get a better idea of who your viewers are and understand how they’re reacting to key moments.

Moment-to-Moment Ratings

Dial testing for the modern age

Collect scaled ratings across every moment of your video and observe how viewers’ attitudes and opinions are changing along the way. These ratings get even more powerful when combined with tagged commentary.