Create, Invite, Learn

With Lumière, you can quickly create a viewing activity using videos from any source, invite viewers from just about anywhere on the web, and see what they're doing in real time.


Create interactive video experiences your audience will love

A few clicks is all it takes to create an engaging, interactive video for your viewers. Select the videos you’d like to get feedback on, and then the types of feedback you’d like to collect. It really is that simple.


Invite viewers, wherever they are

When it’s time to screen your videos, share over social media or link to them through surveys (for those of you working with research panels) or email. Or, simply embed Lumière videos in your website and draw from your normal visitors.


See their feedback in context

Understand how viewers are reacting to your videos in no time, using our dynamic visualizations. Every piece of feedback is linked to specific moments in your video, letting you see what viewers are saying, thinking, and feeling — and what’s driving those reactions.