Create better, together.

Our video feedback platform lets your audiences help you discover opportunities to tell stories that excite, inform, entertain, and keep them coming back for more.

In Lumière, you and your viewers connect more directly, collaboratively, and intelligently through interactive video. Whether you need a quick read on your content or a deep understanding of your audience, Lumière gives you the tools to gather the feedback you need, whenever you need, simply and efficiently. How?

Video feedback, the way the web works

Lumière mirrors how your audiences like to watch video online, only better. Let them converse, tag, rate (and more) directly on your content, seamlessly allowing them to share their thoughts as your videos play. And because you have control over who gets to watch, and how they can weigh in, you’ll get useful feedback every time - more signal and less noise.

Analytics Insights

Plenty of analytics products can tell you how audiences engage with your content, but our real-time visualizations help you understand why, specifically, viewers are highly engaged or tuning out. See how different types of viewers behave - and what they’re thinking and feeling - at every moment of your video, shedding light on what they love, what you could do a little better, and ideas for where you could go next.

Use the videos you want

Upload a video – any video, in any format – and manage your library with ease. Even add video right from YouTube, with more integrations to come. Transcoding and secure storage? We’ll cover that for you.

On any device

Viewers can interact with your videos on their phones, tablets, desktops or laptops. Lumière works everywhere the web does without requiring anyone to download apps or plugins.

Anywhere on the web

Invite viewers to participate through links (email, surveys) or social posts. You can even embed Lumière videos directly into your website.

Used and loved by clients like you

Over the past year, Lumière has given us new in-house capabilities for understanding our audiences and how they relate to our programming. In addition to being easy to learn and use, we’ve been impressed by the depth and granularity of insight we’ve been able to achieve. We look forward to launching many more projects in the year ahead.