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Our analysts and engineers explore what’s happening and what’s ahead, in the ever-expanding space where content and technology collide

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The people behind Lumiere show up every day (at home offices mostly) excited about uniting intelligence and creativity in our work. We continue finding new ways to turn data into knowledge and a vision of what’s ahead, helping clients offer unique content that truly connects.


“The hardest part is thinking, just thinking.” (Charlie Chaplin)

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Home base in Boston, people around the world.

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A very brief history of Lumiere and her parent company Latitude.

2022 2022 We further integrate AI-generated interactions, NLP and video analytics into Lumiere, along with a full rollout of SaaS offerings.
2020 2020 Lumiere 3.0 launches and quickly reaches 20 million viewer reactions, with over 100 million seconds (aka 6+ million minutes) of video shared.
2017 2017 We release Lumiere 2.0 with both single and multi-video offerings to generate knowledge about audiences across all of our practice areas.
2016 2016 Two milestones achieved: over 100,000 viewers have visited, leaving over 1 million direct interactions.
2014 2014 The application is officially launched and quickly adopted by our legacy clients.
2012 2012 The lightbulb goes off, and we conceive the idea of Lumiere as an interactive video platform.
2008 2008 Next-gen tech insights (the nascent sharing economy, kids and AI, the future of storytelling, etc.) become our focus as the digital world evolves and innovates.
2005 2005 We establish our advertising knowledge practice and partner with CondeNast, Discovery, and Viacom as they make the digital transition.
1999 1999 We happily find ourselves in the middle of the dot-com boom, with clients like Microsoft and Time Warner looking to explore and expand.
1995 1995 Latitude gets its start providing primary research and traffic-based insights for early online leaders, including AOL and Yahoo!
1895 1895 Brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere stage the first public movie screening at the Grand Café in Paris.

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