Lumiere SaaS:
Coming this Fall

Whether you’re a content creator, distributor, marketer or insights specialist, Lumiere helps build new connections with your audience.

Simple on the surface, powerful underneath - here’s how it works.

Design the Video Interactions

Choose your videos, then build and launch engaging feedback experiences quickly and easily.

scroll-arrow Organize your projects and manage all your videos with flexible, familiar tools. Create confidently with our easy-to-use editor that lets you see what viewers see. Personalize the experience with powerful customization options tailored to your needs.
Let Viewers Have their Say

Collect opinions, reviews and suggestions in a variety of ways - emojis, questions, spatial tags, ratings, comments and more.

scroll-arrow Ask what matters most and give audiences a wide array of options to engage and contribute. Connect feedback to content through direct interactions with characters and other visual elements. Get more granular by allowing viewers to jump in with onscreen tags and lively ratings.
Turn Data into Discovery

Lumiere uses content analysis and natural language processing to uncover key insights in real-time, while giving you the tools to learn more.

scroll-arrow Find answers at a glance with AI-generated summaries of what viewers are doing and saying. Dive deeper to explore the nuances of viewer reactions and video performance. Customize and share personalized data dashboards to tell a clear, compelling story.

We’re launching Lumiere as a Service soon, so join our waitlist for updates, sneak previews and early access. Or let us know if you’d like to explore our advanced analytics and research solutions.