Insights at the
speed of Lumiere

The most advanced video intelligence application on this planet. Lumiere combines flexible, granular viewer inputs (including in-video conversational AI) with detailed, real-time dashboards to explore your data.

Simple on the surface, powerful underneath - here’s how it works.

For custom studies and our DIY SaaS offering (coming early 2024), Lumiere delivers deep audience feedback in real-time. Get in touch for a demo and to explore how we can help you.

Design the Video Interactions

Choose your videos, then build and launch engaging feedback experiences quickly and easily.

Let Viewers Have their Say

Collect opinions, reviews and suggestions in a variety of ways - emojis, questions, spatial tags, ratings, comments and more.

Turn Data into Discovery

Lumiere uses content analysis and natural language processing to uncover key insights in real-time, while giving you the tools to learn more.