Sophisticated video insights made simple

Whether you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration or trying to get a read on how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves around your videos, our real-time visualizations make it easy to see and understand viewer feedback.

Dynamic Visualizations

Data that everyone can love

Our visualizations are intuitive to use and easy to understand. If you’re a data super-user or someone new to analytics, you’ll be up and running in no time, translating viewer feedback into sharp insight.

Feedback, Contextualized

Never lose your waypoint

Every piece of feedback is interactively linked to specific moments in your videos. Immediately understand the relationship between viewer reactions and specific scenes or elements of your videos that could be driving them.

On-the-Fly Comparisons

Understand the nuances of your audience

Your audience is large and diverse, and it’s important to understand how reactions to your videos shake out differently across different types of people. Create comparison groups in real time, using questions you’ve asked in Lumière, viewer data you’ve uploaded from other sources (like surveys), or both.

Exportable Data

Your data, your choice

Our visualizations will take you far (and we hope you’ll use them a lot), but if you’d like to get under the hood, you can easily export all of your viewer data to process and analyze in whatever manner you’d like. Even spreadsheets (we won’t judge).