Creative knowledge for content creators

Whatever your role - producer, programmer, marketer, advertiser, researcher - Lumière can help you develop deeper knowledge about your audiences, content, and digital experiences

Audience Intelligence

Producer, meet your audience

Who are your most loyal and enthusiastic viewers? What kinds of stories and characters do they prefer? What forms and formats are they most drawn to, and where might their behaviors be heading? What should you be doing to keep them engaged for the long haul?

Sometimes, your audience’s preferences and desires remain stable, but sometimes they change - and quickly. Keeping tabs on how your audience is evolving can help you better ensure that your videos are fresh, relevant, and engaging, now and in the future.

Content Optimization

Take your content from “good” to “great”

The difference between truly memorable and forgettable can be a matter of details. Did you nail the ending? Did your pacing hold viewers’ attention throughout? Are your jokes hitting the right tone? And how about your characters? Are they complex enough? Relatable?

Whether during production or in season, Lumière delivers deep diagnostic information to help you understand the key drivers of engagement and tune-out, along with insights into what you can do better and more powerfully to excite your viewers.

Advertising & Sponsorship Effectiveness

Examine the moments when people and brands meet

Ad measurement is well-worn territory. But what actually happens in the moment of exposure? Do audiences perceive ads as relevant and aligned with the content they’re watching? How do they react to product placements or other sponsor integrations?

Complete your ad measurement picture with a glimpse into viewers’ minds as they encounter various types of branded content, and get a better handle on the relationship between your creative and your advertising outcomes.

User Experience

Create delight through digital

You have no shortage of ways to tell your stories digitally. Do you know if your websites, apps, games, or other interactive pieces are enhancing engagement with your stories, or are they getting in the way?

Using video tours of your interactive experiences, let your users provide feedback on all areas of UX, from design and navigation to specific elements of the stories you’re publishing. And even better, you can gather this feedback at much larger scale than in-person methods allow.